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I'm an artist and photographer living in London who works in the medium of conte pencil and charcoal to create one off unique portraits. I can either work from existing photographs you already have of the subject whether it be a friend, a family member or even a family pet, or produce a fresh photographic study, in which case I would liaise with you to arrive at something which effectively conveys the true character or 'look' of the sitter. This could be through a combination of a characteristic facial expression, the mood lighting and possibly the immediate environment which could be a room or a special place. Throughout the process of creating the actual drawing I would keep in touch with you when convenient, updating you on the progress of the work. In this way you are part of the journey, looking over my shoulder and guiding me towards a destination where the work most effectively distills the true essence of the subject.


Please contact me for a chat so we can discuss your requirements. 

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